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Application Process:

1) Project Approval

The BIIP committee has been established within the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism to make recommendations to the Minister on all applications for land on the Park. The BIIP Committee meets on a frequent basis and can be convened at short notice if necessary. Once the Minister has approved the Committee’s recommendations the BIIP writes to the company informing them of the decision.

2) One-Stop Shop

The primary function of the BIIP One-Stop Shop is to facilitate investors by assisting them through the application process up to the point that they sign a lease agreement and secure a building permit to construct their new facility. The BIIP One-Stop Shop will guide each company through the process.

3) Industrial License

A preliminary industrial license is usually granted within one month of filing the application form. The final industrial license will be granted immediately after fulfilling requirements and obtaining the necessary approvals. BIIP have set up a One-Stop Shop to ease you through all of the legal requirements to enable you to get your project up and running as quickly as possible, and to interface with the authorities on your behalf.  

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